Meg Explores was created in 2017 by a local couple of passionate cyclists with the ambition to provide the best way to experience and discover the island of Meganisi and its local culture.

The idea behind Meg Explorers came since we began travelling by bicycle. We realised that we were no longer experiencing only the start and end destinations of a city. Cycling through a new place was an experience for all of our senses.

Having spent hours discovering and exploring our landscapes, hideaways and sights, we are here to share our experience with you, promising to offer you an unforgettable journey which will overwhelm your senses.

By taking a bicycle, we aim to show you the Meganisi you want to see-not just the beautiful scenery, but give you a hands on experience of its typical daily life and a feel for the ‘magic’ and ‘spirit’ of this beautiful island , its welcoming people and its vibrant culture.

We have a big variety in bikes to make sure that the whole family can enjoy a bike ride. One can choose either a classic bicycle or an e-bike which allows you to ride in a relaxed way and explore wonderful sights and landscape without too much effort.

“Meg Explorers” gives you the opportunity to explore more of the island in a way that will leave you with a deeper sensory impression.



Located 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada, Meganisi is a breathtaking island of the Ionian sea. Its picturesque villages, the traditional architecture with the whitewashed and stone houses and welcoming local people make it one of the most attractive destinations. The island’s pure and lush vegetation, crystal waters, splendid sceneries and picturesque bays altogether create the perfect place for holiday and relaxation. Its many private beaches, its alleys and pathways are waiting to be explored.



By choosing an e-bike, cyclists can experience longer distances without putting too much effort. The technology of the e-bike gives you a push to get you up and over the hills. Longer and more difficult distances can be covered in a relaxed way giving you in that way the opportunity to better enjoy the views and new places you discover.

Especially for those who do not have much of a fitness level but like to cycle, the e-bike is the perfect solution.

However, the e-bike can be chosen by those who want also a physical input. It can be used as a normal bicycle just by switching off the booster.